Tuesday, November 23, 2010

wonky stars taking over my liiiiiife

Unemployment affords me the luxury to sew all day (it's really the only thing I can afford at this point!) So for the last two days, I've been working on this quilt top that I started last year. A majority of the blocks came from my month of sew connected 3 last September.

There's a combination of 12, 9, 6 and 3 inch blocks which has led to me being incredibly indecisive and nitpicky about the placement. A lot of time goes in to giving something the appearance of randomness! I've decided to piece the blocks in to 24" blocks. One down, eleven to go!

it's finally coming together!

I had a stroke of genius/moment of insanity where I decided that my foam ikea mattress would make a great design wall, so I leaned it against the wall and so far so good. It's squishy enough that pins go in without a problem but it's sturdy enough that it stands up on its own. This mattress fits the bed that the quilt is intended for, so it's been nice to see how the placement looks in relation to the size of the bed. And should I need a nap mid-sewing, I just need to tip it over and I'm good to go.

my janky design wall

Working on this quilt has given me more inspiration than I thought possible. I haven't sewn in pretty much a year. I woke up in the night thinking of things I wanted to make. It feels great.

I also woke up with an extreme affection for Jon Bon Jovi. Been listening to him all day... I'm pretty sure it's impossible to not rock out to this jam:

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