Saturday, November 27, 2010

pear peril

I mentioned my failed craft show a few post back...

I wanted to make my niece a play food set for Christmas. I'd made her a cheeseburger that went over great, so I thought I'd add to the set. Then my best friend got a table at a local craft show that we do every year and I figured what the hell, I'll do it. I went back and forth on what to make for a few days, but decided just to go with the play food since I was in manufacturing mode already. So I stocked up on fleece and two weeks later had a nice little pile of goods. I had some cheeseburgers and fries, a bunch of produce and some other random foods. I was pretty proud of myself.

The first day, I sold three things. One to my best friend's mom. One to my best friend's grandma. One to my boss.

The second day, I sold zero things and a lady told me my stuff was "cute, but totally useless." Sounds like some guys I've dated.

So I left totally disheartened, $50 dollars poorer than I was 2 weeks before and I still had a HUGE pile of fleece and no motivation to ever make anything cute and useless again.

But this week I decided, screw that lady! Unless you can eat it, most things are useless so I should just get over it. She's right. BUT, cute and useless is fun! So many people stopped and looked at my stuff. Every kid that walked past picked up the burger and pretended to eat it. A little boy used two carrots as cheerleading pom poms. The guy working in the booth next to mine went home and had steak the first night because he sat looked at my plush steak all day and got a craving for it. I wasn't just letting her ruin my craft fair, I was totally down on crafting in general.

So I got back to my machine and started sewing hardcore this week. I started listing some stuff from the show on etsy and even making more. I'm drafting all my own patterns, which has proven to be interesting and increasingly frustrating. Case in point, pears.

The first one was too weird at the bottom. The second one was too boxy. The third one was somehow more boxy and had a weird thing going on up top.

So I decided to stop using my good fleece and use some junky stuff. Which, of course, was the time that I got the pattern right.

One of these things is not like the other.

So the moral of the story is this: when life hands you grumpy people, make lopsided pears!

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