Monday, November 22, 2010

is anyone out there?

Hello blog land? I'm back!

Since the last time I blogged I...

-graduated college
-moved out of San Francisco and back with... my parents
-got a full time job
-stopped sewing
-ended my 5 year relationship
-had the most epic fun summer ever in the history of my life
-lost my job
-started sewing

So, now that I'm unemployed (but diligently looking for work) I now have time to...
-go to the gym, which I hate more than anything
-sell a bunch of junk of craigslist and ebay
-finish some quilts I started, and of course start some more
-do a craft show, which was an EPIC FAIL
-list all my unsold things from the craft fair (um, all of them) on etsy
-make some Christmas presents
-do my hair fancy every single day! This brings me great excitement.
-blog. See?

I was hesitant to start blogging again because my interests are all over the place these days. I read as many fashion and music blogs as I do sewing ones. So my genius plan is to smoosh it all in to one blog. Maybe cover what I'm sewing, what I'm wearing and what I'm listening to in each post. That sounds like a surefire way to alienate every reader in some way but I'll give it a go and see what happens.

and because blogs are no fun without pictures, this is the thing I miss most about San Francisco... watching the sun set over the ocean every single day.

what a view.


John said...

welcome back! can't wait to see what you've got planned ...

Calico Road said...

Girl, if you sold ALL your craft show items on etsy, i have GOT to see your shop. You didn't link it, so can you give me the super secret address, or at least describe the secret handshake to enter, so I may drool over your items that sold?

Currently in my Etsy shop: