Tuesday, October 13, 2009

where does the time go?!

It's amazing how fast time goes. I think the last post I made was about 4th of July and it's almost Halloween!

In the last few months, a lot has happened.

I turned in my petition to graduate. I will take my last ever test as an undergrand on December 17th. Woohoo!

I got a new roommate; this one from Australia. It's fun!

I had another birthday; celebrated with a gallon of Mitchells chocolate ice cream and a scoop of avocado ice cream for good measure.

More recently, I cut off about 8 inches of hair. It feels great to chop off a ponytail. It's so liberating.

Frankenstein got a new hat:
Frankenstein goes formal

Today, we had a fanatical wind and rain storm, which somehow snuck inside my house in the form of a massive ceiling leak. This happen before (last year) and my room is (once again) tarped and unusable. The best part is that I don't even have a roof; there are other apartments on top of mine. The wind was blowing the rain sideways, which seeped in through the window frames. Why do these things only happen during midterms or right before a vacation? The last leak happened the day before I left for a week in New York. Today we also had an earthquake and a bunch of big trees falling all around where I live. Apocalypse, much?
ceiling leak :(

So that's pretty much a recap on life at the moment. I feel like such a weiner that I don't update often for my 7 followers. I check my google reader every day and get irritated when the bloggers I subscribe to don't update. Then there's Perez Hilton who updates 50+ times a day... and I read every single one of them. Anyway, the point is that I haven't been updating because I haven't been sewing, but there is a lot more to life than sewing. I'm in my last 2 months of this great city, living with someone who is quickly becoming one of my best friends, enjoying having a car, cooking real food every day, packing for my move, getting ready to graduate, laughing until I can't laugh any more and working my little buns off on Wii fit. So maybe I should get out of my blogging box and open up a little, huh?

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Katy said...

bleurgh - nasty storms. Rain coming in sideways? That reminds me of Forrest Gump. Hope the ceiling gets sorted soon.

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