Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mario and Luigi head to Utah

Thanks to the motivation of my roommate, I finally finished the Mario/Luigi quilt. It was supposed to be done for my nephew's birthday in February, but I got sick of the quilting and kind of gave up on it. My sister's family lives in Utah and it's often cold and snowy so I wanted it to be warm. It has 2 layers of batting, so it was SUPER fun to squish it all in to the machine. See how much I looooved it? Anyway, this weekend Stephanie was my cheerleader while I did the last bit of quilting and the binding. And now it's done and I'm so happy to send it to it's new home. It's somewhat of an awkward sized twin (45x90) but I think he'll like it. The front is old school pixelated Mario & Luigi, but the back has some new school Mario action. He's only 13 so I'm not even sure he's payed a NES Mario game. Kids these days are really missing out.

mario and luigi...done!

Luigi part of the Mario/Luigi quilt

Mario part of the Mario/Luigi quilt

back of mario quilt


Dionne said...

What a super COOL quilt! That is so much fun! Where did you get the pattern? He's going to LOVE it! That pattern would also make a good car quilt (sized to fit across the lap of a kid in the car.)

flanthrower said...

This is SOOOO totally awesome. Did you make up the pattern yourself? I love it.

audreypawdrey said...

That is wonderful Ashley! It would make a great car quilt, I agree. I am also curious about the pattern...

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