Saturday, April 18, 2009

childhood beverage of choice

So to answer the question from the last post: I did make the pattern. I googled for some Mario sprites and then mapped it out in EQ6. I then flipped the image and changed the red to green to make Luigi. I fully intended to post the pattern on here, but I'm having issues doing it. I can't install EQ6 on my mac & therefore can't open the images from EQ6 that I salvaged from my old computer. Frustrating!


My mom used to take me to Baskin Robbins after school sometimes when I was a kid and she would order an ice cream soda. It's definitely something that isn't for everyone, but I love them. I was feeling homesick yesterday and had to make one. I went to the bodega and bought a basket full of ice cream, soda, chocolate syrup, cans of soup and a Kinder egg. There is usually nobody there, but it was Friday night. There were 10 people in line in front of me and all of them were buying alcohol and/or cigarettes. I'm pretty sure my night ended better than theirs did!

chocolate cream soda

1. squirt chocolate syrup around inside of cup
2. fill cup 2/3 full with club soda
3. top with a scoop of chocolate ice cream
4. watch the fizz, cause it will over flow if you aren't careful
5. drink to your hearts content

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Dionne said...

What a fabulous drink. I'll have to introduce my kids to that drink!

I love your pattern, it looks great!

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