Monday, April 20, 2009

Recess quilt--check

The entire time I was working on this quilt, it was reminding me of my best friend. I think it was the ruler fabric that did it. Regardless, I decided that I will give it to her next time that I'm in town. I thought about waiting until Christmas, but I'd rather give her a present for no reason because everyone likes a present for no reason, right?

I quilted and bound it in a few hours yesterday. It's so fun & easy to quilt a small quilt. This one is only 36x60" so it just flew by. I took the time the baste, baste, baste and I got no crinkles on the back for the first time ever. I don't think I said one bad word--it's a miracle!

front of recess quilt

back of Recess quilt

recess quilt

close up of quilting

recess quilt all folded up


audreypawdrey said...

this is wonderful! I love this line of fabric especially the tape measure but I really love what you did with it.:)

Dionne said...

It looks beautiful! I LOVE the backing on this one. You ROCK for basting. It's SUCH work.

Rachel said...

Bento Box! Looks great! This is such a fun pattern.

alaine blessman said...

Your color-cooridination really makes this quilt. Would you quickly explain how you made the blocks? Did you make quarter log cabins or full and then cut them into quarters? Thank you!

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