Saturday, January 17, 2009

While most of the country is freezing, San Francisco is more gorgeous than normal. We went to the Golden Gate a few days ago, which was fantastic. I've driven over the bridge about a million times and every time I see a peep of the towers as I round the hill on 101, I always squeal with delight. Every time. But I'd never actually stopped to take the time to walk on the bridge. With the arrival of the new roommate and having the car this week, I decided that it had to be done. We walked almost to the first tower and stopped to take was then that I realized that the bridge is shakey! I was fine with the height, fine with the water under me, fine with the cars passing at 45mph, but the shakes? Nope, not cool. It was worth it to do, but I think next time I will just not stop walking!

Here's a picture from that day of me and the boy. It's not a great picture of either of us, but check out that background! I think it looks photoshopped.

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Calico Road said...

God i love SF! That's a great pic!

Can't wait to get to know you more through Sew Connected 3.


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