Thursday, January 15, 2009

new roommate, new fabric

I think the best and worst part of being a college student is having a roommate. Lucky for me, I have a 2 bedroom apartment, so I have more of a 'flatmate' than a 'roommate.' Anyway- my first flatmate was a disaster. She was a disgusting, stinky crybaby (no exaggeration here people, it was bad.) After the longest semester of my life, she left and I had the pleasure of having the best ever flatmate known to man. My second flatmate was from Germany and didn't have any furniture here, so I wrangled up some extra stuff from my parent's house and made it a furnished room. When she left last month I was very sad (and still am) but opted to find another international student because I didn't want to move the furniture. And I did. And she arrived from France yesterday...BEARING GIFTS!

She sews and knew that I did also, and brought me 5 half-meter pieces of some really lovely cottons. This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

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Katy said...

ok....those aren't just your common, average Joe cottons, y'know...those are extra special $40 a yard liberty prints. Yep. I could sniff 'em from over here in the UK. This roomy of yours is a keeper - I'd suggest becoming her best ever friend. Summers in Paris? A trip to Cannes? You know it makes sense ;)

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