Saturday, January 24, 2009

the end of freedom...

I start school again on Monday, so I've been trying to finish up some loose ends before I get busy beyond my wildest dreams.

Firstly, I worked on some blocks for round 4 of the lap quilt swap for maremare, gordongirl and 1boy1girl1kitty2. The first two are from Carol Doak's book, Simpy Sensational 9-Patch Stars and the other block was just improvised.

Then I finished putting together my quilt top from round 3 of the lap quilt swap. I'm SO glad to have this project semi-done. For the sashing, I pulled the greenish-yellow from the inside of the apples. I used scraps to make the cornerstones, which I've never done before and really like the look of. I'm working on putting together the pieced backing and will hopefully get around to quilting it some time in the next few months. I plan on taking it to my parent's house and putting it on my bed there, since it's a twin and the room is green.

So now I've crossed off two of the biggest projects of my list for the year already. Now, back to real life...


Dionne said...

All your blocks look great, but I must say, mine looks best!! I love how your last round quilt top is looking!

Katy said...

that quilt top is looking amazing - LOVE those colours.

Thanks for stopping by my blog, I've been happily sitting here with my coffee, reading all about you. Now that's a bit stalker like, isn't it? Oops.

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