Sunday, July 5, 2009

5th of July

Let me be honest here and say that I HATE THE FOURTH OF JULY. I love America, I love history, I love my freedom, I come from a military family and support the troops, I love Obama, I love barbecue, but I can't frigging stand fireworks. I am scared of fireworks. Besides the fact they they are disgustingly polluting they are also frigging loud. It all started when my parents made me go to one of those 30,000-people-in-a-stadium firework extravaganzas when I was a child called 'Stadium of Fire.' That year, the event coincided with a freak lightning storm and I was pretty convinced that the apocalypse was happening right that second. The combination was enough to make me hate fireworks forever. I even boycott the fireworks that you buy from the stand on the side of the road. I hate them.

But I didn't let those stinky, loud, expensive fireworks ruin my day. I put on my best blue dress and red lipstick and went to the local farmers market where hotdogs only cost $1, but my heirloom tomato cost $5. San Francisco, you never fail to amaze me! Here is what $20 got me at the farmer's market:

the 4th of July bounty
And yes, those hotdogs were both for me. The boyfriend had 2 also. I couldn't pass up that awesome deal in a city where one stinking tomato costs $5!

Anyway, I hope everyone out there in blog land had a nice 4th of July whether you celebrate it or it's just another day.

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Dionne said...

What a gorgeous picture, it's making me HUNGRY!~

I wanted to let you know that I finally posted a picture of the Lap Quilt Swap IV that hung at the sisters quilt show. It looks fabulous!


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