Wednesday, May 27, 2009

RIP Al Pal

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About 2 months ago, the family dog of my boyfriend passed away. Alex was the only dog that I ever met who actually knew how to get the newspaper in the morning. He was the nicest and sweetest dog and is very missed. He was well until the day he died, so it was a horrible shock for everyone. I asked my best friend ever, Amy, if she could help me with a project to remember him by. I gave her a picture of Alex with my boyfriend and asked her to screenprint a bunch of squares so I could make a quilt. She made an excellent line drawing, made a screen of it and went to town printing dozens of squares for me. I love it. The picture reminds us of a happy time and I think the drawing captures the feeling perfectly.
matt and alex
screenprinted Matt and Alex

Amy is the recipient of the Recess quilt posted a few weeks ago. I think it worked out to be a nice trade! I love having friends who are so creative and awesome. 


Katy said...

what a great picture!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love that screenprint! What a fabulous remembrance of a beautiful dog!

trashalou said...

Sad but sooooo sweet.

Becky said...

That is one of the sweetest things I have ever read about someone doing for someone they love! I hope your bf knows that you are a keeper!

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