Tuesday, March 31, 2009

bushfire blocks

I am loving this new computer. Everything is easier. Well, almost everything. On my old computer, I could just stick my camera's memory card directly into the computer and I didn't need the USB cord. The new computer doesn't have that feature and being that I have no camera cord, I have no way to transfer photos for the moment. I'm hoping to replace the camera, but will probably have to replace the cord since I spent all the money yesterday. I can't win them all!

So since I can't post any new pictures, I will post one that I meant to post a long time ago! Like a lot of you other bloggers, I made some blocks for Tia's bushfire quilt project. The quilts that are coming out of this project are really, really awesome and I'll be excited when I see my blocks in one (or a couple) of them.

bushfire blocks

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whoopdedoo_5 said...

I love these blocks! I am currently working a quilt with these wonderful stars! :) great work!

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