Friday, May 8, 2009

guinea pig parenting at it's finest

I'm so lame for not posting in 3 weeks!

I've had a really long, tiring few weeks getting ready for finals. On Wednesday, I had the biggest presentation of the semester and got to play business lady for an hour. Just when I thought I could rest easy, Frankenstein got sick and kept me up literally all night with a horrible choking sound. I spent Thursday at the vet watching him get violated in every oriface possible. He made so many poops that they had to change the towel FOUR TIMES. I was half way expecting them to charge me for all the laundry they were going to have to do.

In the end, Frankenstein doesn't have any internal problem (that she could find) but she thinks maybe he choked on his food and had an irritation in this throat. He did have a skin problem and got some medicine for it. He acted very unlike himself the rest of the day and I was pretty convinced that there was still something very wrong. I really thought that he was going to die from the stress (2 cab rides, nails clipped, his mouth washed out with solution, a phsyical examination, skin scrapings, eye exam, his temperature "the hard way".) Guinea pigs handle stress 2 ways: they freeze or they stampede. Frankenstein spent all day at the vets trying to stampede, and all night frozen at home. He wouldn't look at me and when I turned his house around so I could see him through the door, he would turn it back around so I couldn't see him. I just cried and cried and cried. Today he is back to his cute, squeaking, carrot-loving self so hopefully things will keep getting better. I just hate giving him medicine and I can't stop thinking about his tiny little liver trying to metabolize the drug. Ugh. It kills me.

up close and personal

The only highlight of the day was the cab ride home.
Cab driver: I never see a bird that looks like that before.
Me: It's a guinea pig, it's a rodent...kind of like a rabbit.
Cab Driver: ...So what kind of bird is it?

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