Wednesday, June 6, 2007


Matt's mom was amazing enough to give us her frequent flyer miles and let us take a vacation to celebrate our very recent graduation from Community College. FINALLY.

For various reasons we chose to go to Denver, Colorado.

I'd planned it to the max, and made reservations at the Hostel and set up an itinerary that was all within walking distance. I'd added up all the costs, and the whole trip was supposed to cost $300.

After taking a bus for an hour into a city that we'd never been to and walking with all our luggage on out backs, we got to the hostel where we were informed that they'd lost our reservations. An amazing barista from the cafe down the street found us a hotel and even gave us a ride there in the bakery minivan. After waking up at 4AM to get to the airport, it was sufficiently the longest day of my life.

But the rest of the vacation was awesome. We went to the Denver Art Museum and saw some amazing work. I got to see some of Georia O'Keeffe work, which I adore. We also saw some Warhol soup can screen prints which was my favorite part of the whole trip.

We went to the Colorado History Museum, where we met a bison.

We went to the US Mint and saw pennies be made. The US Mint is one of the few government agencies that isn't funded by tax money. They make a profit, and help pay off the National Debt. They told us to use gold dollar coins instead of paper dollars because it makes a big profit and helps stimulate the economy. Carrying gold dollars makes me feel like a pirate, so I will oblige.

It might be ridiculous and cliche, but I was absolutely dying to see the "Real World" house. I found it! It looks pretty rundown and desolate, but I didn't care. I actually went to it twice, as it was conveniently right next to Coors Field.

We went to a Rockies game, and went early for autographs. Because I forced Matt to see the MTV crap, I obliged and even had fun. Fun until I got the worst sunburn...ever. But before the burn, I got to see my favorite baseball player and the handsomest 43 year old, Steve Finley, play in his last game before getting sent down tot he minor leagues. Our seats were right behind Ken Griffey, JR. and it was all in all a good time.

It was fun, I'm glad I'm home now. I missed my dogs and my g.pig and my mom and dad. I don't know how I'm going to move away.

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